This very wonderful moment all started with a message from my fiance's cousin, Keegan. He was ready to pop the question to Lexi and I couldn't have been more excited! They're both such fun loving people and the actual love they share is no different! 

His idea involved flying into home to Indiana from Arizona for a fun little shoot that would turn into a surprise proposal! After the many messages back and forth, their special afternoon (unbeknownst to her) was finally HERE. 

The plan was to have them stop by our house beforehand so I could do her hair while catching up! After the hair was done, it was go time! Once we got to the location, I had her walk ahead with me so I could get the lighting jussssst right! The session started off with all of the adorable couple feels. Once I felt every ones nervous jitters subside, we walked further back into a beautifully lit wooded path. When I heard her utter something along the lines of "oh, this is nice!" I knew we had it in the bag! A few poses later and it was TIME! While taking a few shots of Lexi (his soon to be fiance) the ring was handed off to Keegan for his big moment. 

She was already facing away for a photo I was "taking",so with a quick nod my fiance, Zack, handed off the ring to Keegan, and he walked his way over to the love of his life. He gently turned her around, got down on one knee, and popped the the question! She lit up with a shimmering smile and said... YES! The magical moment was followed by a leap into his arms and the first kiss as fiances! 

I will remember this day forever, and I'm so honored to have played a part in such a big moment for these two! 

Senior | Avry, Twin Lakes High School

From the moment I met Avry and her mom, I knew her session would go off without a hitch! They were both so carefree while planning out the details. You'd never have guessed that she was graduating THIS YEAR! She arrived for hair and makeup with the cutest outfits in hand, including a very spring inspired floral dress that I couldn't wait to photograph! We went with the sweet and simple approach and took advantage of the many fresh blooms popping up around town. No matter how many flowering bushes or trees I surrounded her by, she was all smiles. So it goes without saying that this session was an instant favorite for so many reasons! 

Senior | Nathan, Twin Lakes High School

When I started photography, I never thought about the fact that one day I might be photographing my nephew's senior year. But alas, here we are! We had initially planned to do these last month, but those April showers and busy schedules got the best of us.  The session wound up being just a few weeks before graduation but that didn't stop us from having a fun evening roaming around town!  Whenever anyone in our family gets together, it's sure to be filled with never ending laughter. This evening was no different. We were cracking up 90% of the time because life should never be taken too seriously. Especially when you're being photographed by an Aunt who makes weird noises or cracks jokes at the first sign of any silence... oops! It's hard to believe that the little kid I remember jumping out of the TV cabinet doors and scaring me half to death has now completed his final year of high school! I'm so happy I got to capture this moment and to see him grow into such incredible person with the most genuine heart. He's surrounded by a family that's already so proud of everything he's achieved in such a short time and for all of the success his future is sure to hold!  

Portrait | Nanci 40th Birthday Session

I want to start off by saying that this session was SO MUCH FUN! I was contacted by a past senior's mother about possibly doing a cute little shoot for her 40th Birthday, and it was a total no brainier! After sending a few photos my way, we quickly narrowed down all of the details and eagerly awaited the day! She looked gorgeous and had so many amazing props prepared. I honestly had a hard time choosing what to photograph first! Shout out to her amazing daughter Braylin for being such a big help!  It was a complete blast! After all... how could an evening filled with cake, glitter, confetti, and balloons not be a total hoot?!