SENIOR | Kayleigh, Twin Lakes High School

I had no idea that photographing Kayleigh's seniors last year would lead to more photo adventures over the course of a year, including this post featuring her final session as a senior.  The weather forecast was looking grim leading up to it, so we had plans to reschedule. But thanks to a little luck, the original day turned out to be perfect! I pulled into the parking lot and got the camera situated while she put on her cap and gown for the first time and in that moment everything set in... she was graduating! Once we got out in the open the wind gusts were crazy so we decided to set up across from her local high school to get a few shots with the beautiful blooms. Because using flowers to block the wind is always a win win! From there we drove over to a familiar but favorite spot of mine to catch some of that good ole dreamy glow.  We wrapped up the evening with one last location involving a little lilac bush that paired effortlessly with her peachy pink dress! 

 Fast forward to a few weeks later and I was on my way to doll up both she and her wonderful mother the morning of graduation! I arrived ready to sprinkle on the highlight with a dash of  beachy waves and walked away knowing this girl and her kind heart were ready to take on the world with beauty and grace.