Senior | Nathan, Twin Lakes High School

When I started photography, I never thought about the fact that one day I might be photographing my nephew's senior year. But alas, here we are! We had initially planned to do these last month, but those April showers and busy schedules got the best of us.  The session wound up being just a few weeks before graduation but that didn't stop us from having a fun evening roaming around town!  Whenever anyone in our family gets together, it's sure to be filled with never ending laughter. This evening was no different. We were cracking up 90% of the time because life should never be taken too seriously. Especially when you're being photographed by an Aunt who makes weird noises or cracks jokes at the first sign of any silence... oops! It's hard to believe that the little kid I remember jumping out of the TV cabinet doors and scaring me half to death has now completed his final year of high school! I'm so happy I got to capture this moment and to see him grow into such incredible person with the most genuine heart. He's surrounded by a family that's already so proud of everything he's achieved in such a short time and for all of the success his future is sure to hold!