This very wonderful moment all started with a message from my fiance's cousin, Keegan. He was ready to pop the question to Lexi and I couldn't have been more excited! They're both such fun loving people and the actual love they share is no different! 

His idea involved flying into home to Indiana from Arizona for a fun little shoot that would turn into a surprise proposal! After the many messages back and forth, their special afternoon (unbeknownst to her) was finally HERE. 

The plan was to have them stop by our house beforehand so I could do her hair while catching up! After the hair was done, it was go time! Once we got to the location, I had her walk ahead with me so I could get the lighting jussssst right! The session started off with all of the adorable couple feels. Once I felt every ones nervous jitters subside, we walked further back into a beautifully lit wooded path. When I heard her utter something along the lines of "oh, this is nice!" I knew we had it in the bag! A few poses later and it was TIME! While taking a few shots of Lexi (his soon to be fiance) the ring was handed off to Keegan for his big moment. 

She was already facing away for a photo I was "taking",so with a quick nod my fiance, Zack, handed off the ring to Keegan, and he walked his way over to the love of his life. He gently turned her around, got down on one knee, and popped the the question! She lit up with a shimmering smile and said... YES! The magical moment was followed by a leap into his arms and the first kiss as fiances! 

I will remember this day forever, and I'm so honored to have played a part in such a big moment for these two!