* Indiana born and raised

* Engaged to my dreamy high school sweetheart

* Dog mama

* Sucker for those “fall hues”

* Photography found me at a young age

* iTunes playlists keep me dancing for days [ I dig indie + alternative section)

* Forever obsessed with home decor

* Boots, boots, and more boots

* Wearer of way too many flowy kimonos

* days off = video games [currently loving Apex Legends]

* Always sporting waves or a half up ponytail

* target is my weakness

* Will encourage whoever I’m around to follow their dreams (we get one life so you might as well go for it!)

* Homebody at heart (give me Netflix, a pizza, and I’m good)

* Squeals at the sight of glowy light

*Collector of old cameras


Meet Julie

I'm a small town living kinda gal. dog mama to the CUTEST toy poodle, lola and engaged to my HIGH SCHOOL sweetheart, zachary. when I’M NOT SHOOTING under the sun or EDITING up a storm, YOU CAN easily FIND ME LOST IN A TARGET ISLE.
I FEEL SO BLESSED to DO WHAT i LOVE everyday AND BUILD amazing relationSHIPS along the way. i'M TRULY THANKFUL FOR all the KIND HEARTs i'VE Met and every friendship made. capturing special moments that my wonderful clients can look back on in the years to come just makes my soul really really happy.


Q + A

How would you describe your photography style?

Imagine birds tweeting while twirling in a sundress against the glow of sunset. THAT is what I’m about and what I LOVE to photograph! My style is carefree and naturally driven. I want to create an environment perfect for capturing your story.


How do I book with you + when?


It’s quite simple! Once you’ve looked over all of the loveliness on the website you can drop me a message on my contact pages or email me at After you’ve done that I’ll get in touch with you, then we’ll work out all the details about your session via email! I only take a limited number of seniors per year, so I encourage those interested to book as soon as they have a date in mind. As for what season… it depends on the time of year you’re looking for. Are you interested in Spring blooms, Summer sunsets, Fall pumpkins, or Winter snows?


Why do you only shoot at sunrise or sunset?

Two words… GOLDEN HOUR. It’s literally this magical little window of time when the sunlight gets super dream like. Not only does it provide even light (yay for not having to squint!) but it’s also incredibly flattering, and gives all the GLOW!


Where will my session take place?

My sessions take place in the great outdoors where we can take advantage of all the natural light and beauty surrounding us! Give me those dreamy sunsets, endless open fields, wildflower patches, pretty paths, and little creeks.


What do I wear?

First and foremost you should always wear what makes you feel most confident AND comfortable. When getting your photos taken there are a few things to keep in mind. I’m all about movement, so since you won’t be in one place for too long, flowing dresses are always a good way to go (bonus: they make fun twirls look extra gorgeous!). A good rule of thumb is not to wear anything tight or restricting as it could hinder your ability to move freely.


When will my images be finished?

While in the process of editing your session I will provide you a sneak peak via Instagram or Facebook. Your final fully edited digital images will be available for download via your online gallery typically within 1 - 3 weeks of your session date.


Do you offer print packages?

I only provide digital images with a print release. This allows you the ability to quickly share your special moments with friends and family on social media as well as the freedom to make unlimited prints of your favorite images.


What is an online gallery + digital download?

An online gallery allows all of your final edited digital images to be viewed, shared, and downloaded in one place. A digital download is a high-resolution digital file of your image. You are able to download or share the images directly from your online gallery at any time to your computer and/or smartphone.